Tuesday, 4 August 2015

It's currently 2:58am on a Tuesday night (Wednesday morning?) and I haven't slept.
All because of a book. A very good book in fact, The Night Circus by Erin Morgentsern. It's ironic that this book is the reason I haven't slept as it's book that is based around dreams. Two 'magicians' are part of a game thought up by the people who raised them, the main story takes place in a circus where the two magicians think up weird and wonderful attractions. I'm not going to delve into a description of the book as I don't want to ruin it for anyone who wishes to read it. And I throughly recommend it, Erin Morgenstien is an amazing writer, the characters feel so real and you feel as though your at the circus watching the acts perform.

It has made it to the top of my list very quickly.

So what am I doing at stupid o'clock in the morning blabbing on about a book? I don't really know to be honest, it just sorta kinda happened. One minute I'm reading about illusions and slight of hand and the next I'm typing away like a secretary whose had way too much coffee.

At least I don't have anything important happening tomorrow (today? This is all very confusing) otherwise I would be in trouble.

You know what?

I might make a habit of this, even if  only writing a short paragraph it's relaxing to get my thoughts out and written down. Kind of like I'm putting things out to air, it helps me think better. Who knows I might actually get some sleep.

Who am I kidding? This book is way too good to put down.

Goodbye for now :)